Jun 24, 2014

The spring that happened sometime back there

Just realized that I never posted about our SPRING! Spring was fantastic. We traveled to Utah to visit my fam, which I hadn't really spent time with for... hm... 2 years? It was great. Since I don't feel like talking, I'll talk with pictures.
 Shopping at TJ's with all of Jayne's minions. They thought they were in the Indi 500.

 Then the childless-but-married-Christensen-offspring (Han and I + hub'ns) went to Moab.
Playing Airplanes on a rock.
 Playing dump-your-wife-off-a rock.
 Playing awesome on a rock.
 Playing Asian Invasion on a rock.
 Playing deal with having an Asian Invasion on a rock.
 Playing with my new Asian Invasion sibling on a rock.
 Asian-de-invasing on a rock.
 And again. On a rock. 
 Admiring the rocks on a rock.
 Garret playing with his new invisible hover board on a rock.
 Asian stuck in a rock. 
 Asian more stuck in a rock. 
 Asian with his head stuck in a rock. 
 Asian playing with his new anti-gravity shoes on a rock. 
 Heading out to shoot rocks. 
 Hot husband assault-rifeling rocks. 
 Making sure all the rocks are dead. 
 Oh. Oops. That was fun. 
 This is my husband's first red rock adventure. 
 Half way into the Fiery Furnace, he noticed something strange clinging to the inside of his pantleg. He dug in there and pulled it out. It wasn't a rock. It was more undies. They came in handy later. 
 Millie took a liking to him.
 We all took a liking to Jayne's stream. 

 Then we had the privilege of visiting one of my favorite people in this whole wide world: GRANDMA NETTE. 
If you want to feel like a pile of beat up jello, go visit G-Nette. She won't give you the option. You must try her new massage chair. It changed my world. 

Then we went home. 


Jayne said...

Why are you so funny? You are So. Funny!

JoAnn said...

Good thing I like rocks

Hanna Amero said...

I totally forgot about his underwear stash!! hahahaha. So funny