Jun 6, 2009

Hahahha life is soooo random...

Wow, I really wish I had some pictures to go along with this post, but I still haven't taken the buy-a-camera plunge, so you'll just have to use your creative little imaginations:)

Alright, so A few nights ago Hanna and I were getting ready for bed and decided to watch some Wipeout on YouTube. If you have never seen Wipeout, I would definitely recommend it:) So funny! At about 12:30am my friend Tanner called and said he and my other friend Shannon were hiking Ben Lomond and they invited Hanna and I to go. So we got all adrenaline-rushed and started to get ready, then the hike got called off. Then we ended up creating music fusion on my piano/bongo drums/computer all night. It was entertaining:)

This morning I went to work at Willard Bay, and it was soooooo slow, agh, my boss and I were dying. Our shop closes at 7, but it was dead so we closed up at about 5:50:) As I was driving home, Tanner called me again and said they had just started hiking for real this time, so I drove up the pass and started hiking after them. Weeelllll.... Being the dumb teenager I am, I started hiking in my work clothes (aka swimsuit, shorts, and Chacos) with no jacket, water, or dinner. (I did stick a CapriSun in my pocket though... that kept me hydrated for all of 2 seconds!) I got about 2 miles up the trail and started feeling sick (Ok fine, I was running up the trail, trying to catch everyone) so I said a little prayer and Heavenly Father told me to go home:( So I hiked back down to my car and went to Lees Market. I bought two packs of Ramen and my total was .35 cents. It might have killed me, but it was tasty and (barely) within my budget. Then I went swimming at Grandma Gwen's! Wahoo!!! It felt amazing.

Now I'm home.... alone... tired... bored... hmmm...............

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