Jun 26, 2009

Tired... and lucky

If I have one statement to make, it's that there is never a dull moment in my life right now. And if there is, it's because I want there to be. But I've realized that not all people like to be super busy all the time like me. Take dearest Peter for instance. I'm pretty sure he likes to be bored all the time. I thought I was being a genius by introducing him to the sport of Ice Blocking. (Diana informed me that this was a Utah thing. Ha! The world is missing out!) So we drove around for over an hour looking for grocery stores that had blocks of ice. No such place. It also didn't help that neither of us know our way around here good enough to find the stores in the first place, haha:) So.... We went to In-N-Out. I was overly excited about this, being Utahn, but Peter wasn't so stoked. So I took him to Game Stop, then we came home:( Oh well, my search for Ice Blocks isn't over! Hehe! (I haven't quite figured out the picture posting thing, so sorry, these are a little bit out of order) Check out that bored, sad face.... ouch.

Last night I was really craving some sugar since I had cheerios for breakfast and a salad for lunch, so at about 9:30pm I went to PF Changs for some chocolate cake. I felt so old sitting there at the bar by myself eating a piece of cake bigger than me and watching ESPN, but when I started laughing at myself I knew I was still a little kid :) Sam was working, and he said him and his girlfriend Jamie were going to Transformers after work, so I waited around for him to finish up his tables and we went to a movie. Craaaaazy. Good movie, but too much extra poop that didn't need to be in there.
Earlier that day I went furniture shopping with Aunt Melanie. She cracks me up. (sorry this one's kinda blurry)
This is Merlin and Lucy playing ball on the front lawn. If Merlin would ever drop the ball, this would be a pretty fun game. But he just sucks on it for a while, then we go inside. Whatever.

This morning I sent in my resume to a company that does office work for a bunch of doctors in the area (at least that's what I understood.... I'm not even quite sure haha) and a couple hours later a guy called me about it! He asked me about Italy and a couple other jobs I've had, then he asked about going to Weber High and I told him it's in Ogden Utah, and he said, "I graduated from Weber High about 100 years ago" HALLELUJA!!! What are the chances?! I have an interview next week! :D The church is true!

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Diana said...

Can I just say how handsome Peter is? Maybe I'm slightly biased.