Jun 23, 2009

Life Happens

I was looking for a picture of a little birdie that would somehow signify my "leaving the nest" this week or something along those lines, but after studying this picture for only a few seconds I decided this is way more significant :) I'm a little birdie enjoying my quiet afternoon californian sun, but who knows what could be trying to eat me behind my back :)
Ok, so here's a little trip lot of my journey out here. Growing up, I always hated making all those "dad stops" on our way to where ever our family was going. It seemed to take hours to get out of Ogden. But.... trying to get out of town was so hard! I even had to go to Goodyear. Definitely a dad thing:)
Second stop was at Doug's office to pick up my insurance. They all freaked out when I told them my car I was trying insure was out in the parking lot all packed up and on it's way to California for an indefinite length of time, hehe
Third stop, K Mart in Bountiful. I had to get KapriSuns and Oreos!
Fourth (and first of 4 stops here) Chevron. I hate Chevron. Way over priced, and placed so that you have no option but to go there. Ugh.
My plant Claire liked looking out her window at the desert. Then we had a little episode at the Agriculture check thing but.... She made it here with me :)
I got a lot of strange looks:) At first I thought it was because of my little car packed full of stuff, but maybe it was just my incredible dance moves I was throwin down in the driver seat
Ball tree! Woot! I'm officially going somewhere!
Nevada state line... I somehow missed the Cali one :( (Maybe because it's off in the trees somewhere on Donner pass??)
I found ways to amuse myself.
Then I drove THROUGH A MOUNTAIN. I'm sort of amazing like that.
Who would name their gas station Terrible's? Oh wait. It was terrible. I remember.
So.... Basically... The trip here was great. I had an ugly-face-making contest with myself, and a few times I got really scared:) I rolled down my window and timed myself to see how long I could go with my tounge hanging out. (Eventually a bug got in there and I called it quits. I made it like 30 seconds though! Woot!) I sang really loud to Queen. (Still stuck in my head! Sorry Diana) I played the you-can-only-breathe-when-you-pass-a-road-sign-or-a-semi-truck game. (Then I almost passed out... not a good plan.) I recieved many pictures of a really fat guy from Churro who swears it was him before his mission, but I'm thinking he wasn't sumoan before he left. I danced a lot. I ate lots of junk food. I turned off Brian Regan because I couldn't appreciate him yelling IN MY FACE. Other than that.... I just drove and got a really numb butt. The End!


JoAnn said...

Thanks, Cam. Now I know what your trip was REALLY like!

Bethanie said...

Yay! You made it! You've always been a Cali girl at heart . . . . Can't wait to hear more. Love ya!

Jayne said...

I. Love. This. Post.

It's true. It's pretty much awesome. I felt so in the moment as I read, I practically feel a little numb butt myself!
Please blog every day.