May 13, 2010

Running and singing

This morning after going to the market and resisting buying anything, thank you very much, I went on a way long run. What? What's this? Cami running? Yeah weird. But I did. And it was incredible. I went the other way on Acqua Puzzola, then down by San Biagio and around the town then back home. How far do you think that is, dad? 2 miles? Non lo so. Then I went home and made pici and studied for a while and it was quite lovely. Then I needed to dry my laundry, and Giuliana told me to get the dryer rack out of the house we used to live in! So I went in and walked around our old house for a bit. It was amazing. It was also surprisingly bigger than I remember -- maybe because my house now is so tiny and when I lived in that house it felt small compared to living at home?? I don't know.
Everyone just closed their shops and I'm on my way to practice with the town choir! I've never been so excited for a choir practice in my life! Hopefully I will see some old friends, that would be awesome. I'll try to post pics soon! Ciao!


Jayne said...

So did you see any old friends?

Hanna Banana said...

What?! You didn't buy anything at the market?! No little candies, no five euro shoes, not even a sword fish?! You are very strong my friend.

Camille said...

Oh no Hanna, I'd never forget my swordfish! I just forgot to mention it... mi dispiace multissimissimissimo