May 8, 2010

The viagio so far...

This morning I got up at 3:30 finished packing, woke up dad, and we drove to the airport. I figured out that whenever dad is quiet, it's not because he's tired. It's because he's thinking about his bike. There would be silence for 10 or so minutes, then he would say something about carbon or speed or hubs. My pappy is awesome :) The flight to Chicago was pretty uneventful... I had cranberry juice though... That was good... Then I got into Chicago and I had 5 hours before my flight. So I tried resting for a while, but ugh. Those chairs are killer. Then my trusty pilot buddy Pete told me about a "friends and family lounge" so I went and checked it out! And on the way, I totally got my exercise because it was like a half mile away through the airport! I got in there and there were these big comfy chairs and it was all quiet and there was water for under $5, and there were about 6000 Disney movies to choose from. I was in heaven. Then after a few hours I went out and waited to check in for my flight... but since there are so many closed airports in Europe because of the volcano, I got booted off the flight faster than you could say American eagle - the American way. So then the nice dude got me a deal at this hotel, I jumped on a shuttle, check in here at the lovely Comfort Suits (seriously, why do I need two rooms and two TVs? I'm just a little girl!) but aaaahhhhh this bed feels amazing.
Ok I promise I'm going to get better at taking pictures when they matter. The only time I think of pulling out my camera is when I'm bored, and of course there's nothing uber plesant to look at when I'm bored! However.... I did get some interesting shots along my journey today.

Turns out, you don't have to go to Europe to experience unforgettable toilets! All you have to do is be the lucky person to spend enough time in the Chicago O'hare airport to find the jewels such as this. I'm telling you, this one really made me feel like a queen. See that black thing on top with the green light? You wave your hand over it, and the plastic that is covering the seat rotates in a counter-clockwise manor so that your tush can have a fresh resting place at last! Genius. I can't wait to go back tomorrow and experience it again!

I didn't want to go outside (see next photo) so I just stayed in my room and ordered room service. But really, can you blame me?! What else was I supposed to do?! I packed my nunchucks and throwing stars in my checked bag, so I have no way to defend myself around this here neck of the woods.

I love that the only things I can see from my window are a Frannie's Beef and a pub. I was going to try to go to church tomorrow, but it's 6.4 miles away and my phone calculated it would take 2 hours and 6 minutes to walk, and like I said, no nunchucks! Oh well. Pray that my next post comes from Italy!


Diana said...

I've gotten room service once or twice and it always makes me feel like a rock star. I'm excited to see more of your adventures.

Camille said...

That is so true! I sat in here in my mounds of fluffy pillows and ate my soup and mmmm! It almost defeats the purpose of this trip being a borderline sketchy adventure.

Jayne said...

Dear Cami.

How are you. I am fine. I miss you. Do you miss me? Please write back.

Love Jayne.

P.S. Please don't fall in love and never move home.

Hanna Banana said...

Dear Dudebro. Life here is pretty much wicked sick without you. I've been tubin with all your friends (But not really) and watching stupid sitcoms till one in the morning and life is well you know. peace out, butwhats, dont party too hard without me.

Jayne said...

It's been 2 days.