Jul 28, 2010

I'm just weird sometimes, ok?

So I'm sitting here in the middle of the night in my old red room, and I'm supposed to be asleep like 10 hours ago, but for some reason I just cant bring myself to shut these lids! So I think I'm just going to talk for a while. Usually when I'm in this brain-dead state, I call Jayne. We talk for about 30 seconds till she is brought back to her awesomeness motherhood, and we continue the next 30 seconds a couple hours later.
Anyway, we just went through this trazy storm that sounded like it was ripping the house apart. Serious guys, it was su'm fierce. Then it stopped. But I have a faint feeling my tent is strewn across the property, so I'm staying inside tonight and I'll deal with the lovely aftermath tomorrow! Woot! Plus Nah will be home from her rafting trip, and I can make her help me, muhahaha!
STORY! Ok so today me and my friend Diego were bored, so we drove up to Camp Atoka in South Fork to tube down the river (eh hem, stream). There was a HUGE stake girls camp going on, but none of us seemed to mind. And we almost got lost in the woods when we were hiking up stream. That's another tale. Anyway, we floated down it twice, and the second time there were these three fat ladies standing on a bridge as we were cruisin under it, and they were like "Hey, are you part of our girls camp?" And Diego, who has had a lifelong dream of going to girls camp, said "Yes!" I shot him a look (I can't remember which look it was... I have lots) then I told the kind ladies that no, we weren't. (And I almost told the one on the right to hurry off the bridge before we passed under it, for our safety. Don't those things have a weight limit?) (Sorry. I take it back. That was rude.) So then we carry on our journey, and as we were getting out there were these 3 fat guys sitting in a golf cart (poor lil thang), and in a nice old fat guy missionary way they told us to beat it. Ol Dieger almost peed his pants. I'm not sure that cart could have gone very fast, but we ran back to the car just in case.
Hey. You guys. I'm tired. Why am I not going to sleeeep!? Ok. I talked myself into it. Shewie. That was a close one. Ciao!


Andrea said...

I'm pretty sure I met this Diego friend of yours. He came on a double "date" with Jeffrey and Caitlin to the Raptors game this weekend. :) Love ya!

Camille said...

That's the one!