Jul 27, 2010

BigFeet Storeys and Hawkes

Last night I went to one of the weirdest things I have ever been to. My friend John Storey picked me up and we drove to Huntsville where a crazy amount of people had gathered for a Bigfoot... pow wow? This guy from the valley stood on stage and had people come up and tell about their experiences seeing Bigfoot in the valley and surrounding mountains. It was pretty cooky, but interesting to see people bearing their testimonies about this thing.

Bigfoot was totally hitting on me

I'm serious, this thing went on for about 3 hours. People were almost in tears telling their "experiences"

John tried everything to be just like his ol buddy BF

BF and I... we're BF's 4 ever.

Then we played some tennis at the park with Macky and Jessica. This moth was as big as half his face. Bigfoot's cousin, I think.
Anyway, after all that hoohaw we all went over to the Hawkes house for food and dancing to MGMT in the kitchen. In the end, I was just really happy that I live in the valley. My friends up here... Well, there's something about being raised in the valley that makes you... special ;)


Mac said...

wow, I would not have guessed that that is John. I didn't even recognize him! Ahh the valley...

Camille said...

Are you serious?! I was thinking he has looked exactly the same all his life!