Jul 17, 2010


Summer so far has been fantasticly amazing, to say the least. My sister Hanna (Cornnob) is somehow just as bored as I am, so we... do stuff! We went down to the park to play frisbee, and after about an hour of running madly (we're not too great at the whole frisbee thing, so we get a lot of running in) we collapsed on the ground and took pics of our gorgeous faces. ha.

It was such an awesome evening. Pretty cool how we had this huge park all to ourselves!

The next morning we picked up a couple kayaks and headed to the lake! Why not.
I should have gotten a picture of us with the kayaks... but I'm not that cool. The Subie looked uber sexy though.

After the lake and more frisbee and swimming at gram's, we hiked Big Rock in North Ogden right before dark. The sun had already gone down, but it was so gorgeous!
Here's a little vid just to sum things up. Be afraid.

Thanks Nah for being a dork with me :)

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