Feb 26, 2011

20? Huh?

I figured since most of you weren't here for my silly but awesome birthday, I would post all of its small joys and great moments.
First off, this is the kind of morning I woke up to. GORGEOUS.
It doesn't snow to often here, and the blue sky is almost unheard of. I can't stop looking at this picture! So pretty! It made me giddy.
After my giddy moment looking out my window, I heard a small birthday parade coming down the stairs, bearing gifts of incredible food and smiles all around.
Jake was pretty interested in my french toast
The kids gave me this home made box with a rock (oh, geode) in it. Awesome.
Us Christensen's have this thing for Jackets. We all have way too many, we wear them all, love them all, and to us they are all very different. And I'm pretty sure that if I was in the Mountain Hardwear store, this would be the jacket I would pick out of all the hundreds. I LOVE IT!!! (How do you like my bathroom model shot? Oh yes.)
These blessed creatures also made me a poster. I laughed my buttons off. "Happy birthday to our "junior" cousin Cami! Your such a ""sweetart" we love you to "pieces". You're the best nanny in the "milky way" for taking care of the "baby" and the "3 musketeers"! You make us "Snicker" and "laff" at your "nerdy" jokes. Your so "smart" that we want to pay you "100 Grand" on "pay day"! We'll fight the "Big Hunk" who tries to steal our super "Starburst" We love you, from Ellie, Amy, Jacob, Seth, Jayne, and Sam"
Sometimes Jayne and I make up our own entertainment
After laughing all morning, I decided to brave the "snow day" (a skiff on the road that canceled school) and go to work. I had this fantastic mexican lunch. (Yikes, bad picture).
After work I went shopping at H&M, then I went to dinner with Seth and Amy at the Cheesecake Factory. It was incredibly delectable.
Then at about 10:34 these flowers showed up attached to my friend Marc. I can't ever remember getting flowers before, so I was pretty dang stoked :)
(They have now taken up permenant residence on the back of my toilet because everyone thinks they are stinky and they had to be in a confined space. So my bathroom smells oh so... duftend)
Yesterday I came home to a stack of mail on the counter. When I was growing up, I never got mail. Not ever. Unless it was a notice from the library or something. So deep inside, I still feel uberly spesheel getting things in the mail. Jayne sent me this epic water bottle that I have wanted forever... I loves it...
Melissa Lewis sent me this card that had... me... all over it.
That woman did some serious scrap book digging to find these pictures. I love Melissa Lewis.
Matty the Mexican sent me this card and...
A CASTELLI BIKE HAT! (Please excuse the bathroom modeling. again).
I may or may or may not have worn it grocery shopping.
But it wouldn't be a birthday without a har-de-har card from Grandma Nette.
I love you guys. Thanks for the incredibly memorable birthday :)


Jayne said...

Well sheesh - I'd say that was probably the best birthday Ever. Especially that uber sexy waterbottle, I mean - seriously, how cool am I?

Gr. Nette said...

Well, pretty cool.

Cam, you need to leave more often. You get more attention away than at home.