Feb 19, 2011

Every Woman's Dream

Seth and Amy decided to pack up the family and head south for the weekend, and I decided to kick it at home. Then I got the brilliant idea to work on some projects that just weren't getting done with 4 midgets running around.
I'm not saying I'm a woman... But if I were, this is something I would love to do.
And I did love it.
I went around the house and opened cupboards and closets and judging by my facial expression, I decided which ones needed help.
I then headed to my friendly neighborhood Ikea and Target for supplies.
This is what I came home with, hehe.
(The best part about this is, it's not my house, and not my money. Love you Amy!)
What's behind door number one? AAAGHHH!! Scary nightmare. These doors are rarely closed, because the blankets and sheets and children and towels and tablecloths are always spilling out.
Ta Dah! Amazing what a few boxes will do.
Door number 2 was even worse. Can we even call this a pantry? This door was never closed. There was everything but children inside. They tried, but couldn't fit.
It's not as beautiful as I hoped, but hey! We have a lot of food! It has to go somewhere.
Door number 3 was the nightmarest of them all. I didn't stage this. The expression that covered my face was worse than when I see... Oh gosh... I can't think of anything worse than this. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife. And the whole neighborhood. Pretty sure the fare housing committee would have condemned our house based solely on this cupboard.
I pulled everything out, put down some shelf liner, used some of my dandy little baskets, and even added my towels that weren't there before. There is more under the sink now, but it works!

It only took 2 trips to Ikea, 3 trips to Target, and 1 trip to QFC. And a trip to a whole new undiscovered realm of my brain that had never been explored.
Can I go to sleep yet?


JoAnn said...

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come do this for me sometime. Amy will be giddy! There's just no words to describe what joy this brings. One question: where do you keep the grocery bags now?

JoAnn said...

Never mind - I see the bag holder in the pantry!

Caleb said...

When I saw the title my first thought was "Why is she posting about me?" I realized my error and thought "Wow she does really like that Garret guy" but no you had to have it about organizing....really? Nice job though eh.

Camille said...

Mother -- I'd love to.
Caleb -- .

Hanna Banana said...

Haha! Way to go Mr. Hot Club Pres