Feb 17, 2011

SVU part 1

Remember how one of my goals was to save for college? Well this is the college I'm saving for. And every day, I get more excited and happy that this is the school I have chosen to try my hardest to get into.
I first heard of SVU about 4 years ago when my family was visiting some of my dad's cousins in Virginia. I was half way through my first year of high school, and if anyone said the word "college" I almost threw up.
Luckily for me, I kept hearing the name of the school in random places. I had a few random friends decide to go. I looked into it. I forgot about it. I heard about it again. I'd decide I was delusional. I forced it out of my head. Till Christmas last year.
Since Christmas, I can't stop thinking about it. I signed up for an open house in March, bought my plane tickets, and have had so many awesome experiences already.
I'm going to Virginia! IN A MONTH!!!!!
The school has 800 students. It's one of the smallest but best ranked Universities in the country. As I fill out my application, my personal Admissions Counselor calls me and tells me what she thinks I should put down, how I should word things, and when my deadlines are. She called me about an hour ago and these were her words. "Hey Camille! I was just looking at one of your essays. It looks great so far. You might want to delete that part about xxx before you send it in. Hey, would you like a T shirt? I just got a box of them. I'll send one to you. Oh, I just talked to Grace, you're going to be staying in her dorm while you're here for the Open House. She's excited to meet you. Would you like to eat on campus while you're here? I'll get you a food card. Can you get your application sent to me before the end of the week? There's a scholarship that just came up that I think would be really good for your situation. I'll get you set up for it. Talk to you soon!"
... Awesome?
So if you think I'm crazy for wanting to go to school on the complete opposite side of the country, yes, I am crazy. But it is incredible. So far.
The end.