Feb 21, 2011

Lago Washington pabellón español

A few months ago I was called to be the pianist in the Spanish ward. They didn't have anyone to play the piano, and you know me, always looking for something weird to do.
Well today I discovered something amazing. The ward is about 35 minutes away from my house. It's not in my stake, or even my mission boundaries. I don't speak a lick of Spanish. I am the only white girl in there.
When I tell people my calling, they always give me the strangest looks. I'm used to it. But I guess it is pretty weird. Why me? Of the hundreds of pianists in the area, including in their stake, why was I called?
Last night, Hermana Firpo texted me wondering what songs we were going to sing today in Sacrament. Uumm... Am I supposed to pick those? I opened my Hymn book (which is in Spanish) and randomly picked 4 songs. I just felt like whatever they were, they would be good. I sent her the hymn numbers, and this morning when I got to church and started playing, H. Firpo kept shooting me strange glances. I can't even read Spanish facial expressions, so I would just smile at her then continue playing.
After the meeting, she came up to me and said, "Hermana Camille, you are inspired" Huh? Why? She told me that the topic of the meeting went perfectly with the hymns I had chosen. I had no idea, because I couldn't understand what the meeting was about, but I guess it worked out perfectly. Coincidence? I think not.
Since I can't understand the speakers, I usually take the time to read my scriptures. Latinos are incredibly quiet during Sacrament, so it makes for good studying time. And for the past 3 weeks that I have played the piano for them, amazing things have happened. I always find questions when I'm reading the BOM, and every time I have one, it is answered when I attend my Sacrament meeting a couple hours later.
So when people are confused as to why they called me to play the piano in a completely random ward, I just smile. It's not random. I know who called me.


JoAnn said...

GOA! (goosebumps all over)

Jayne said...

He he he, I had this great comment and then I read Mom's and that's all I can think about now - he he he!! That would be GAO, sweetie Mom.

Ahem. Cami. Great post - that is very cool. I may have approached tears.

Just Jenne said...

You should try to learn Spanish! If you know some Italian, you have a head start. Just bring a little spanish/english dictionary with you to church--it might be fun. You are so adventurous, Gal! The Lord is so proud of you being willing to do something that would probably be super difficult for anyone else that doesn't speak the lang. Love ya!

Kate said...

Um...awesome! That is very cool darlin' and please find me a hot latino in the ward. Thank you. Good night.

Kate said...

But also. Why do you have church on monday?

Camille said...

Kate, the better question is, why did I stay up till monday blogging?

Kate said...

Ahhhh. I see. I didn't look at the times. Silly girl! Go to bed!