Jun 6, 2011

Mercer Island high school lacrosse state champs!

Last week the Bernal's were awesome enough to invite me to Connor's State Championship lacrosse game at Memorial Field at the Seattle Center. I had only ever been to one lacrosse game ever, but I'm becoming a fan. It is so brutal.
It was pretty funny to be there with Bernal's, because they are very loud, intense Colombians. All the other parents look to Fernando and Rosi to get the crowd hoppin :) The stadium was PACKED. (But just on one side. Don't make fun of my empty-stadium pics).
The game was between Mercer Island and Bainbridge Island - HUGE rivals. Connor is the team captain (has been since sophomore year, crazy kid) and has lost the past 3 championship games to Bainbridge by 1 or 2 points.
This game was pretty nerve racking.
BUT THEY WON!!!! 5-3!
After the game, Garret was talking to his sister:
"Did you enjoy that game?"
"Me either."
And I believe them. They were freaking out the entire time. I have never seen Garret so close to bursting at the seams. Pretty sure the whole family walked out of that stadium with brand spankin new hernias.
Cute brothers :)
In other news... We are thinking about letting Garret adopt Jake, since they are lovers and never wish to be separated.


Hanna Banana said...

You know Cami, maybe we should become lacrosse fans because that rugby thing didn't last very long...although it is wicked sick

Camille said...

So true. There's not enough rugby happenin in this country.