Jun 3, 2011

The saddest of all shakedowns

So I guess here is the plan:

  • Sell Mora
  • Garret drives me to Utah on July 3rd with all my stuff
  • Move into my old room
  • Try to work somewhere
  • Remain car-less
  • Go to school in August.
I am happy to be moving home. I'm just not so excited about the leaving Seattle part. Or the selling Mora part :(
I usually love changing my life around, but for some reason I just can't seem to dig this plan.


Jayne said...

Maybe you're just sad because you love Christensens so much. What's not to love? And they love you too!
You're uh... this is going to come as a shock to you: adventurous. Where's the thrill in moving home?

It's the thrill of the unknown possibilities, Cam. Look at it that way. Anything can happen. Don't tell any of your utah friends that you're moving home, then make new friends. No offense to your wonderful old buddies, but try something new too. Am I wise or what?

Camille said...

Wooowww... I will never live up to that wisdom! Even if I did have friends in Utah, I wouldn't tell them I'm moving home. Maybe I'll tell Shannon... but I won't see her anyway, so why does it matter?!
Thanks for your overly-truthful words, J :)

Taylor and Mackenzie Nelson said...

I have to admit that my selfishness is winning through here Cam and I'm glad you're going back to your home when you are. We will be in Utah at the end of June and all the way until July 21st. Glad to know I get to see my Cami cousin!

Camille said...

Yay!!! I'm so excited to see you guys! This will be awesome :)

Hanna Banana said...

Dude. You think we'll be bored at home?? Muhahahahaha! Taco bell adventures, blasting our theme song, pink, you playing the piano while i lay in your hammock, the possibilities are endless when you're with Bethany... ;)