Jun 13, 2011

To JoJo and Babo

I listened to this a few days ago and can't help but think about my amazing parents. So I would like to dedicate this song to them :) Love you guys!


Babo said...

Points for everybody!

Camille said...

What does that mean?

Jayne said...

Yeah... he said that to me the other day when I texted this to him:

"Hey Dad, I just turned on some Bing Crosby and Jonah said "This sounds like Babo."

Points for who?

Camille said...

Remember when we would finish a job for dad and he would ask us, "How much do you think you earned doing that job?"
I think it should be the same with the point system. He gives us points, and we decide how many points we deserve. Plus it's definitely a competition. So... I say I get 27 points for this post. Just as a random suggestion, I'd say you get about 26 or so points for the whole Bing Crosby thing.
Hey, looks like I'm winning! Yay!

Just Jenne said...

Love that song!!! Cam, you remind me so much of me when I was your age. Just didn't want to be a caged butterfly--and needed to fly for a while. :)