Jun 1, 2011

Going for it.

Last Monday I was having lunch with my good friend Kristi Klark Kent. She suggests we drive to California. I accept. We run home and pack our bags.
Her wonderful, newish car had something minor wrong with it, but it was no big deal because Mora is a champ and can go anywhere!
We hit the road
It's about 5 hours from Seattle to the Oregon Coast, but luckily we had a lovely view the whole way

Because who doesn't like dinosaurs, that is what I would like to know
We forgot utensils, but not to worry! I had scissors in the glove box!
Peanut butter on my elbow

Did you know we are legit surfers?

We crossed about 27 bridges on the 101
Then out of nowhere, Mora stars whining about something. Mooommmyyyy I want to go hooooome!!!! NO MORA! WE CANNOT GO HOME!
We were miles from anywhere, but for some reason there was a trusty KOA miles from anywhere too, and they hooked us up with some oil. Mora was satisfied and we continued on our journey.
That lasted for a whole 12 minutes. Then she started whining again, and it was getting late, and it started raining, so we pulled over in Gold Beach and found this hoppin pizza place. It was a party, I don't even have words.
We made it 15 minutes from the Cali border :(
Very long, sketchy story short, we stayed in Gold Beach at the Motel 101, and in the morning we turned around and headed back up the Oregon coast.
We found this dashing little garage, and they hooked Mora up with some new spark plugs.
She was very happy after that.
Did you know that you can drive a convertible in the rain and you won't get wet? Truth in it. Except when you stop at 23094219038417 stoplights through the tiny towns. I took cover under my sun visor.
Klarky took a nap.

All we wanted was a little adventure, and that is exactly what we got :)

Thanks Klarky!

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Kate said...

I thought you said there was a hot garage guy in this story...no pic??