May 27, 2009

My family that isn't Forever

I have decided to post all the materialistic things in my materialistic family. These are pictures of my kids. I adopted all of them. Sometimes they behave badly, so I have to put them back up for adoption. Or somtimes they're just worth too much, so getting rid of them is a must. I'm a horrible mother, I know.

This is the newest addition to my family. I LOVE THIS BABY!!! (The camera started taking really fast, so I ran out there and decided to pose. As with all good mothers, I'm posing in my pajamas)
This one isn't really my baby. It was my baby for about 14 years, but it definitely behaved badly so I had to replace it with something incredible. Hmmm.... I need a picture of MY piano... maybe later.

You know how they say that if you wear your underwear for a really long time they become a part of you? These Chacos are like my underwear. I only take them off when I sleep. My feet are extremely white under those straps, beware!

This is my sideways baby. It gives me much satisfaction for about 30 minutes, then I regret ever having this baby around. Ouch.

Much to my saddness and future regret, this particular baby, whome I named Guenevere, was adopted out yesterday afternoon. Sniffle! That's ok though, I got a car out of it and I'm sure I'll find another Guenevere soon:)

This baby was a PILL. I kicked it out of my family, as happy and proud as a mother could be. It was one of those babies that was perfect and cute and wonderful in public, but once I got it home the kicking and screaming began. Mah please, get this thing out of here.
Welp.... That's it for my non-eternal family. Ciao!


Jayne said...

HahahahaHAHAHA! YES! These are the kinds of posts I've been WAITing for! You're back, Cambo! I've missed you.

Bethanie said...

Well, lookee here! What a little blog gem I've found. Love it!

Jayne said...

posted by Gr: Cami, you are such a riot.
Kinda cute too. Good at piano playin' too.
The Orson F Whitney quote is one of my very all-time favorites. Love ya, posted by Gr