Apr 25, 2011

Jayne is so pure

Jayne didn't enjoy the title of my last post, since it was on her blog's wall and everything, and since it was so evil, so this is for you dear glorious sister on high:
A couple days ago I took the kids on a walk to the park.

After what seemed like hours (5 minutes) of trudging through the woods, we finally reached civilization. Ellie hooped for froyduh (you heard me).
Jayne (Jr.) needed a little help

Jake enjoyed his wooden lunch.
Saturday I woke up to this incredonculous morning. SO PRETTY.
I rode down through Redmond, hooked into the river trail, then went around the west side of Lake Sammamish, then up the hill....
Through the pretty 'hood...
And finally landed at the temple!
Such a great ride.
Plus I had this beaut on my leg when I got home.
(Note: My leg is surprisingly clean compared to how it usually looks after a ride. It sometimes takes days of showering to get my long, muscular, model-like, luscious legs back to normal skin color). (long. ha).
Then.... I was reminded that I do still live in Seattle, and 70 degrees and sunny only happens like 2.5 times a year.
Happy Easter! The Williams' invited us over for dinner, and it was the prettiest thing ever. Not to mention how absolutely delicious the meal was :)
Who are those guys? I feel so sorry for whoever might be related to them.

In other news... Check out these overly talented young'ns:

Happy Easter everyone! Love ya!


McIntire Madness said...

Love the dancing clip!

Jayne said...

I am so pure. And humble. Very proud of that.

Codinaduty said...

Killer Chainring tat!