Apr 12, 2011

No solid theme

I have a whole bunch of way random pictures from the past couple weeks, so I'm just going to throw them all out into the void and let you judge me however you want.
Jake has this deal where he sneaks into the bathroom and plays into the toilet. I guess he thinks he's a cat. Usually we're pretty good at keeping all the doors closed, but I was home alone all week and he's a pretty fast dude. I guess I didn't close it all the way.
I hadn't seen my wallet in a while, but I hadn't really been looking. My friend Christi came over, and when she walked into the bathroom she yelled, "CAMI! THERE'S SOMETHING IN YOUR TOILET" Me and Tabitha ran in there and she pulled out my wallet. Pretty sure it had been in the toilet for days.
When Jake and I weren't putting and taking things out of the toilets, we went on walks to the pond.
My girls came over again and I, being incredibly domestic, made lots of bread. Banana for Tab since she's allergic to Zucchini, and Zucchini for Christi since she's allergic to Banana. It made for a lovely snack.
This is my view from my spot on the bus. I sit the same place every day. And I always get 59 cent tea from Starbucks before I get on the bus. And I always throw my cup away in the same garbage can on the sidewalk when I'm walking to my office. And I always listen to Sweet Disposition, because... it just works as a walk-through-the-city song.
I need to switch things up a bit.
Our Australian friend stuck this tattoo on Jake's head at International Night. And there it remained for days.
I have a very pregnant friend named Beth, and she owed me a pedi for kissing some kid in Whistler.
Need I say anything?
I can never stop taking pictures of Jayne and Claire
Swim lessons! I love taking the girls to swim lessons. It's so warm and steamy in there...
This was supposed to be a picture of the Space Needle... but for some reason it turned out teenie tiny in the pic. Bummer.

The end!


JoAnn said...

It is so nice to see some of the randomness of your life, Cam!

Mac said...

I think we went to that pool on one of our trips! Or one very similar...

Camille said...

Haha! Oh mac. I kind of doubt we swam at Redmond Community pool, but then again we did some pretty random things on our trips. Hehe :)

McIntire Madness said...

You have a very cute prego friend! I've been wearing flip flops for days to enjoy my nice pedi.

Amy said...

Today, I found the kids toothpaste, and a tooth brush in the toilet downstairs. So gross, because I am sure he was using the tooth brush and in the the downstairs toilet- which grosses me out even more. Awe that kids. He's driving us all a bit nuts. Good thing he is so cute.