Apr 1, 2011

SVU part 2

Last week, I did one of the best things I have ever done in my life.
I traveled across the country to visit SVU so I could see it for myself and get a feel for how the school works and see if there is any way I could be happy there.
The answer was yes. I would love to :)
One morning I was on my way to a class, and I was told to go through some double doors. They opened up to this room. I just stood there for a minute, all agasp.
The campus is small, and is made up from a couple really old buildings and a couple temporary-ish new buildings. But the wonderful warm feeling is the same everywhere.
My counselor met me with a big hug, and gave me a bag of food upon arrival, in case I was hungry. She is great :)
In the big main red building, there are all these crazy old pieces of furniture and the floors are all uneven and it's just way cool. I don't know enough awesome words to describe this campus.
Football scrimmage!
Mmm... This place was tasty. I ate here twice. It is pronounced "MAC-uh-doo's" but Garret decided to start calling it "muh-CAH-doh's" and by the end of the week half the people on campus were calling it the wrong name.
Speaking of Garret...

He's a pretty exciting dude.
Aaaahahaha... just kidding, we had tons of fun :D
Basically I made about 60 new friends and met so many incredible people, and I left feeling very uplifted and... just good! I hung out with the entire football team, played Xbox with the student body president, had a good chat with the actual president, and made some really good contacts and connections that will be very useful someday.

Here's a clip of Garret being psychotic on his scooter. He didn't realize that I happen to be a pro scooter passenger, (Italy!) and he kept freaking out because he thought I would fall off. Silly. Maybe he was insisting I hold on tight for other reasons though... I never can quite read him...
The end!


Camille said...

That was a terribly put-together post. Sorry guys. I'm tired.

Mac said...

I'm excited for you Cam, but why are your videos so tall and skinny?

Camille said...

Because I take them on my phone and I forget to hold it sideways? Tee hee :D

Garret said...

HAhaha. So now half the school is like, "When is Cami coming back?!?"