Jan 13, 2011

Bella Bestia

When I arrived here (almost 4 months ago, crazy!) there were only a few words said between Seth and I before he asked me if I brought my bike. Holding back tears I told him I had sold my dear bike (remember Guinevere? So hawt) to move to Italy. He gave me the craziest look. What was I thinking?!
The next day he emailed me a bunch of possibles that were on craigslist, but the thing is... I have very stubby short legs. And arms. And torso. So finding a bike to fit my dwarf self proved to be somewhat of a battle.
We went on many bike hunting sprees, but it was about 2 months before we found....
Bella Bestia

I met a lot of short people on my short bike hunting journey, and the lady selling this bike was no exception. She was great though. Anyway... I HAVE A BIKE AGAIN!!! I haven't posted about her till now because she has been hanging above Mora in the garage for a couple months waiting for a sunny day to be ridden. Those don't really happen here. So she got stuck on the trainer. My creative brain has reached its end, so... I'm done.
Thanks Seth for this great bike, I loves it :)


Jayne said...

I love your 'Beautiful Beast' too! So happy for your inner-athletic-self

Camille said...

I'm still working on that part of myself :) One of these days my exercise endorphins will kick in and I'll be addicted to it instead of having to talk myself into it every day.
Maybe we should talk to Aunt Kari and she can tell us how to get addicted. Because she's the master of addicting exercise.