Jan 3, 2011

A long trip.

We have just returned from a two week sabatical in Utah.
Pretty sure this picture says it all. 20 hours in the car does wacky things to our already messed up psychies.
Growing up I remember skiing on Christmas eve and sometimes Christmas day at Nordic. So being able to go with these guys was so funny and awesome.
Ellie is a natural. (Even though that helmet might have started her battle with lice.)
Jaynie was also a pro

The rest of my vaca was spent with the second nut on the left
We were going to head somewhere warm, but... we couldn't get there from here. So the incredible 'rents sent us skiing! The fireplace(s) at Basin were warmer than any island in the Caribbean.
Twas a bit nippy

Something about the unicorn/princess helmets made us...........
Italian food at 8900 feet in a posh lodge in the Utah Alps is kinda the best.
(just go with it, ok?)
So posh, I took a wee nap.

I think she got in a fight with a troll. What else could explain such an expression?
Or behavior?

Overall, one of the funnest days of skiing I have had in an uber long time.
I love these peeps. (Sorry about the zombie face, Tess!)
Moving on... What could be better than a hardcore pedicure after a day of skiing? Christmas just kept getting better.

Ladies and Gentlefolk, what you are looking at is Utah Professional Hockey's future. That's right. The Christensen family has officially claimed their sport.
I think we were the only people in the audience who weren't related to one of the players.
Check him out. The top of the goal is at his WAIST. I think I can stand up inside that thang.
We party.
Seth called me on the 30th and asked if I was done with Utah. Yes. So we left the next morning, spending our epic new years eve party in a hotel room in Boise. Bring on the popcorn and Gatorade!
1 degree in Idaho!
1 degree on 1-1-11! And lots of Dorito fingers!

Amy: "This desert is balmy"
It's nice to be back :)


Hanna Banana said...

Let me explain myself while i ski.... HAWT :)

Hey that's me said...

What about my retarded sister and her being hawt?

JoAnn said...

Great post, Cam - you summed it all up!

Jayne said...

The point of Hanna's existence? To be HAWT.

It's kinda ridiculous how much I love this post. And the retarded sisters contained therein.

Hey that's me said...

Yes Jayne. I'm glad Nah has found her place in life. It will be very useful for the next 4 months of her life.