Jan 13, 2011

La Mia Camera

(my title means "my room" not my camera... just so you know. I don't think you're dumb. I just... like to clarify?)
Hey! How are ya! So here in the 7-people Christensen Household we use our laundry machine for about 10 of our 13 waking hours. It is ALWAYS going. Our poor machine is notorious for eating itself from the inside out, which is always an absolute tragedy. This time was no exception.
Beauty can come in all shapes and forms. Luckily for us, we have an innumerable amount of amazing neighbors who line up to have the privileged of doing our smelly laundry!

I have this neighbor that is so amazingly giving and great, and she picked up my laundry, washed it in amazing smelling goodness, folded it, and delivered it with a card on top telling me how great I was.
I should break the washer more often.
I am questioning the ok-ness of this post... but Jayne requested it. I have to put her strangeness behind me and just obey sometimes.
Love you Jayne :)
Anyway, here is my living quarters. Lovely overly-comfy bed... (I'm thinking about making it not so comfy because it's hard to get out in the morning.)
My always-changing but usually entertaining dresser top
Bella Bestia just chillin

NEW SHOES!!! ON CLEARANCE!!! Sorry Hanna, they didn't have your size. But they are legitly hairy and everything. Love em.
And we're back. My poor skis get to sit in the corner all day, crying for me to take them out. One of these days I'm going to bust town and go ride them. Hard.
And here is my lovely window (complete with baby monitor, which is totally normal for a teenage girl's room, right? I hope not). I love my window. Right below those trees is our backyard and a pond... so pretty. Especially when it's all misty in the morning.

I love Seattle.


Bethanie said...

Of COURSE they don't have Hanna's size in the children's shoe department, silly. Those things are teeny tiny! And SO cute.

Jayne said...

Yes. Amen. Love the clearance shoes! Hanna's drooling on my shoulder.

The okayness of this post? Cami, this post gave me a little glimpse into the deeper moments of your life, and I was in desperate need. I thank you from the depthy depths of my soulish soul.

Gr. Nette said...

What a lovely room....no wonder you like Seattle.

Hanna Banana said...

Best shoes ever! All zebra shoes are the best ever. (get it? like a date with charles?) :)

Camille said...
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Camille said...

"los zapatos más increíbles del mundo..."
"goodnight mrs bingly!"
"hee hee! goodnight!"