Jan 22, 2011

Burke Gilman

This morning I absolutely had to get outside. I have been inside since Christmas, and today was the first minorly sunny day of the year. (Actually the gray has lasted since about the end of November). Lucky for me, I have this cousin who happens to be an amazing biker, and who happens to live in my same abode.
We hit the Burke Gilman trail with our neighbor Paul, and of course I didn't bring my camera because... who has time for picture taking when you're biking?
So I downloaded some of these beauts from la interneta

We hit an average speed of 17.8 mph

This trail is about a mile or so from my house, and it goes from Redmond to Seattle, and all over in between. It was stunning today in the sunshine.
I look forward to more training for my STP endeavor, and feel so happy that I get to live in such a crazy great biking community.
I am so happy here :)


Jayne said...

Wow! That's really amazing that they could average that kind of speed while pulling you in the bike trailer. I'm beyond impressed!

Jayne said...

ahem. Sorry about that last post. And notice how I couldn't just leave it alone up there. I had to apologize. That's cuz I lurve you.