Jan 8, 2011

Not to resolve, only to achieve

I love Family Nights here. They remind me of the Family Nights when I was growing up. So simple, but so important.
Last week we learned about Goals, and the importance of setting them. It got me thinking about the difference between a Resolution and a Goal. Of course they are different, but why is it that so many people make New Years Resolutions instead of New Years Goals? I couldn't think of any resolutions because I'm too proud to admit that I have things that need resolving, so I made goals for this new year. I wouldn't normally share them, but I figure if people know what they are, they might help me along.

Goals for 2011

- Read/record thoughts/study the scriptures every day

- Raise $7,000 for school by August

- Find a test (ACT, SAT, or something along those lines), study, and NAIL IT for scholarship purposes. (Don't know if this is possible, I'm kinda old and I know nothing about standardized testing, but it sure would make all these applications easier)

- Train for the Seattle To Portland (i.e. ride my bike HARD at least 4 times a week)

- Keep a Mission on my mind and prep for it daily

I'll have to say, I'm already impressed with myself. Of course I am, I'm just ending week one. Isn't everyone impressed with them self after week one?

Hm. I'll keep you posted.


Jayne said...

Yes, except for my new years resolution EVERY YEAR is to floss and I usually only make it about 2 days. Not so impressive.

I like the record your thoughts one. It's incredible how important that is.

Hey that's me said...

Sorry Jayne, I don't share that hardship. I love flossing.

JoAnn said...

I'm impressed. You exhaust me. But I'm behind you all the way!