Jan 3, 2011

What? A post not involving children?

It's true. I did something with my friends. Don't pass out, I know this is kind of a first, but yes. Believe it.
It started out on one of the rainiest days of the year. (Yep we have those too).
Four crazies, driving over rivers and through massive woods to...
My friend Tabitha told me that in order for me to ever be associated with her, I had to have a sandwich from the Sultan Bakery. Since I have no money to buy my friends, I agreed to the challenge.
This is a Texas Toast veggie sandwich, containing only sauteed peppers and a couple slices of tomato. The Sultan Bakery is a total dive, packed with people (no sitting room, we had to eat in the car), and with an employee age minimum of about... 98.
But it was somehow divine.
The boys hated it.


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