May 20, 2009

Oh the things on my mind....

Since I'm not doing a lot by way of activity, my mind thinks about things deeply and endlessly. You know how when you have a song stuck in your mind for a long time it helps to listen to the song? I'm thinking that if I write down all these things, it will help get my mind off of them. Probly not, but I might as well give it a try.

Yesterday I had this sorbet at Coldstone that was amazing. I'm totally addicted. It's pink lemonade with fresh raspberries mixed in. I highly recommend it:)

I drove my car around the valley today with the top down and I was wearing my new stellar sunglasses. It made me happy, but also made me almost sad that the registration is expiring next week and I'm supposed to buy a car pronto. I might miss The Hott Flash (aka Ribbit, the rabbit, Kermit, The Green Goblin, etc). Weird, eh?

How and when am I going to get my Ben Folds book back? Hmmm... hopefully soon.

Should I move my piano home? It's so far away, I have a hard time driving over there all the time to practice. But I love my studio.

What can people eat if they just had hernia surgery?

I wonder what would happen if I bought a scooter instead of a car.

I have a lot more things on my mind... but I don't want to make you pass out, so never mind :)

1 comment:

Jayne said...

Can we get a visual? Or two? I want to see your stellar shades.

Who had hernia surgery? Fluids. I'd say fluids. Clear, then build from there.