May 3, 2009

Was I pressured into this? Hmmm...

About 5 years ago in Young Womens we were asked to write down the qualities we would like in the men we date and/or marry. I found the list a few days ago, and it was pretty cool to see that nothing major has really changed. I still want the same things! The first 6 things are my old list, then I added a few

1-Self motivated in righteous descisions
2-Good to his parents
4-Happy and outgoing
5-Hard working and not lazy
6-Return Missionary or temple worthy
7-Not afraid to speak his mind
9-Knows why he does the things he does (like going to school, work, etc.)
10-Someone who laughs at the good things
11-Willing to help and give comfort
12-Adventerous/Athletic/Outdoor sporty
12-Good at hugging the non-creepy way :D

This list might seem like every girl's dream, but I promise this guy does exist!

1 comment:

Camille said...

Sorry about having 2 number 12's... haha ooops :D