May 4, 2009

Bare feet, Black Mazdas, and little doggies

This morning I had a plan for my day. First thing - Work on my piano skills at my studio. Second thing - Visit Weber State and inquire about taking the GED. Third thing - Visit my fantastic boyfriend Scott. But... In all my excitement for seeing Scott again after 4 days of being gone, I forgot thing one and thing two and just went straight to his house.

We sat on his front lawn and played with his dogs Jack and Cooper for a while, then we started walking our bare feet down the sidewalk. It felt nice. First we went to the park and did some epic swinging (while the mothers grabbed their little children... I guess we look like criminals?) then we walked around the 'hood for a while.

I love walking in my bare feet... It reminds me of being a little kid rolling around in the mud in front of my house then being really embarrased when the UPS man would deliver stuff for my dad. His name was Chris. He didn't care that we were little muddy naked mountain children, he just gave us the stuff and left. What a great guy.

After our walk Scott fell asleep while we were watching Salt Lake Real soccer, then we decided to do something productive so we drove to The Gateway and looked at weird stuff. One of the things was a book called 11,002 Things To Be Miserable About. It was hilarious. We laughed hard.

Basically I had one of those days that was just great all around, and I'm so glad Scott is willing to do (or put up with) the crazy things I do. I'm not sure he had as great of a day as me, but I'm glad he was there.

I have to get back to car shopping... blah. I hate being poor.

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