May 17, 2009

And so life goes on...

Instead of trying to be some great creative writer, I'm just going to spell out my week in simple numbers.
-Bored all day
-A bit sickish
-Family Night, watch Hanna try to teach dad how to text. Ha:)
-Piano lessons in Draper
-Get a call from a lady that wanted me to babysit her two little girls. Nah.
-Mow grandma's lawn, listen to Styx
-Almost pass out while going over the pass
-Really pass out
-Stay home all day with head congestion. It was gnar.
-Sew baby blanket for Stephanie's unborn baby.
-Miss out on Stephanie's baby shower due to heavy flow of BodProd.
- Re-live sickness of Wednesday. Blah.
5 - Friday
- Try and fail to find some hott guy to take me to Angels and Demons. (Even Hanna turned me down.)
- Get a foot rub at Sue's
-Watch The Secret Life Of Bees with Tess and mom at Sue's
-Get up at 5:30am
-Sleep on Hanni's couch while Grace sleeps in
-Leave Grace at friends house at 9:30. They forgot she was coming. Saga saga saga.
-Go to Pineview for a "work" meeting at my new job
-Put the top down on my car
-Drive to Park City to watch Emmy dance in her fantastic recital. I haven't laughed that hard for a loooong time. Thanks Emmy!
-Once again fail to find hott guy to take me to the stupid movie
-Watch movie with my dad.
-Fall asleep in my hammock.
-Go to church
-Goof off with Lori all through Young Women's (I love that I never go to Relief Society like I'm supposed to... hehe)
-Accidentally fall asleep during Sacrament
-Forget choir practice, go home, sleep in my hammock instead.
-Go to Seminary Graduation. Graduate! What the.... Did I go to Seminary? Not really.

So.... I guess it was an alright week. Actually, I'm not going to lie, it was long and I felt like something was missing. Maybe my health.... But that's missing all the time and I don't care. Hmmm......

1 comment:

Jayne said...

Why did you pass out?
I'll take you to your stupid movie.
How was graduation?

What you were missing was me, Cam. Silly.