May 7, 2009

The Best

Sometimes I get sort of bogged down in my mind with all the things that are going on, and because my life has always been so great I kind of freak out when something goes a bit askew. And usually that thing is just fine, but my mind wanders too much and I start to expect the worst. So... I've decided to make a list of everything that is The Best in my life. I know technically there can only be one thing that is ultimately "the best", but I couldn't choose. Well.... Yeah, I can choose, but then this post would have been really boring. Ha.

#1 - My beyond crazy family. This is us trying to get a decent family photo at Mac and Diana's wedding. I think Hanna wins the prize on this one though:)
#2 - (These totally aren't in order of The Best to The Worst... It's just random) Pam Beasely. I kinda like her. She's probably the most realistic woman on television. Go Pam!

#3- Have I ever told you how ridiculously in love I am with pianos? Particularly gorgeous looking and sounding pianos? Ugh, it blows my mind. This picture kind of says it all. I need to put a picture of my piano Claire on here. Claire is amazing.

#4 - Havasupai. Incredible. Now that I think about it, Havasupai isn't really The Best, but it's pretty great.

#5 - Skiing with really overly hott men. Up till the end of last winter, I didn't get the chance to do this very often. Luckily this really overly hott guy saved my bad luck streak and we went aaalll the time. I'm thinkin this really was The Best.

#6 - Being giddy. Supposedly being giddy happens when you get really excited about something and you're so happy you start acting weird, then it wears off after you get used to that happy thing. Well... mine never really wore off. I still get giddy all the time. But how could I not?!

#7 - California. Excuse the flash dancer, she ran right into my perfect California Coast shot right as I was about to take the picture. She's kind of hard to see though... She's off to the side there... Just block her out ;)

#8 - My back gate at my house in Montepulciano Toscano, Italy. Um, does this not look like something from a movie? It was amazing. This shot was taken from my bedroom window, and I can't tell you how badly I want to go back. Now there's another girl from Provo living in that same bedroom. Lucky!
So.... Good life? Yes.

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