Jun 14, 2010


Last week the missionaries in our branch decided to put together a little bowling activity for the young folk. It turned out great! There aren’t a whole lot of people under the age of 50 in the branch, but there have been some students studying in Siena from BYU, so they came and it was great.

We got there and had to wait for some of the others to show up… So Davide decided to see what it felt like to get behind the wheel. The car looks pretty normally sized till you put a normal person in front of it…

It was probly the smallest car I’ve ever been in. Good ol’ cinquecentos ☺. At one point of the day we had 6 people in there. Good thing we’re all friends!

I think I bowled a grand 54 points… But hey, I did better than like 2 other people, so heh!

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