Jun 14, 2010

District Conference in Florence

Yesterday was the district conference for all the localish branches. It was held in Florence, and I was surprised how many people I saw that I recognized! Everyone was the same. (I just couldn’t remember names. sad face)

I was particularly happy to see these two☺ This is the old branch president and his wife that were in our branch when my family lived here. We group-hugged/kissed for about 5 minutes, then there were a lot of quick words exchanged and my cheek got pinched to mush, then we all enjoyed the conference together!

This family has become one of the highest respected groups of people ever in my eyes. The Rotelli’s take really good care of me. The madre, Tina, is a nutcase. She’s in her late 40’s, but she’s as spry as a 10-year-old. Yesterday (when she wasn’t pretending to strangle me, or poke me, or talk about my sexy legs) I was telling her how thankful was for the ride to Florence, and she told me I could repay her by letting her take me shopping. Sounds like a deal! So we’re headed to the outlets tomorrow. She is, quite factually, the most experienced shopper I know. It is her joy and passion. She told me I have lots to learn. So lets consider this a very serious learning experience, and not two girls being crazy, ok? Thanks. I’ll put a fashion show up in a couple days ☺

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