Jun 9, 2010

Sunday Surprises

This week has been so wonderful so far! There were about 45 people in church on sunday, aside from all the american students, so it was a pretty amazing sight to behold :) I saw so many people I haven't seen for years -- Lucy and her daughter Francesca, who I taught piano to when I used to live here, and the Nistri family, and.... I can't even remember everyone. But it was great. It's pretty rare to have more than 10 or so members come, so it was rare and beautiful.

This is my bestest friend Hella (on the far left) and a couple other people from the branch on Sunday. Sorry the photos aren't so great, I just took them on my iphone and everyone was in a crazy mood and no one would hold still for 2 seconds haha :)

I'm really sorry I didn't get more pictures of this... I was too busy videoing the whole thing! I'll just have to show you the vids when I get home :( But basically I was standing in the street checking my email, and I heard this drum coming down the street toward me. So I looked up the road, and there was a HUGE marching band, color guard, flags, and all sorts of Catholic peeps coming down the road. There was a dude spreading smoke, and about 50 kids in white putting rose petals all over the road, and this big cabana with a guy holding some relic under it. It was so random. I followed them down the road and they ended up in the parking lot of this church where there was this big thing on the ground made of flowers and foam. Then the parade went inside the church, the band stopped, and all the onlookers lit their cigarettes and walked home! It was a bit extreme, but so classic and beautiful.

As I was walking home I noticed two guys playing their lil tennis hearts out. So I stopped and watched for a while! It was actually a lot more entertaining than I thought it would be... Tennis can get a bit intense.

Other than that, I have finally gotten over my chest/head cold, and I've been out of the house most of the week :) I went on a long run this morning, and had a fresh-fruit breakfast, then I cleaned up my yard! I also got some laundry done, which I really needed to do. As I was hanging up my laundry, I had sort of a scare. My neighbors, aside from being weedwacking-happy, are also trigger happy. I'm not sure what they're shooting at all day, but it will be a calm peaceful morning in Tuscany, and all of a sudden it's like i'm standing in the middle of a gun range. It scares me so bad! They just sit on their back deck with guns, looking out over their property. I'm guessing they're shooting at rabbits or birds in their garden.... hm.
Lets see... what other exciting thing can I bore you with... oh! I have been eating much better these days - not snacking so much, and eating healthier as well as more often. (except for gelato which is a staple food in my diet). I have learned how to make all kinds of things, like minestrone soup, artichokes, pasta aglione, and bruschetta. I'm starting to love cooking a little bit. Maybe because I bought an apron at the market last week, and now I'm just looking for excuses to wear it :) Italians are known for enjoying their meals, and I guess that love is also among the Italian mosquitoes. Every day I get about 15 new mosquito bites on my lumpy body. I was putting green stuff on my bites yesterday, and I lost count at around 45, just on my legs. I'm hoping I don't contract some deadly disease from them... But at least we'll all die with plenty food in our bellies.
Last night as I was trying to figure out why the laundry machine wouldn't turn on (it was unplugged... duh), my neighbor Marco came to the rescue. He is probably one of the most Italian guys I know. He is a doctor, drives a Mercedes and a Ducati, has a lot of lady friends, and is always willing to translate Giuliana's crazy Italian for me. As he was trying to find a power adapter for the washer last night, his ladyfriend just stood there giving me the eye and kept asking him what was taking him so long. I tried not to laugh haha :) Thanks for fixing the washer Marco!
Welp I'm hot and the Dolcevoglie Gelateria is calling my name, so I'll talk to ya'll later!

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